Tuesday, August 14, 2007

It's true.

My bishop has sent a document (by email!) to all the priests forbidding "at this time" (until further notice) the TLM. (with the exception of the 2 parishes he has already permitted it at.)
I read it today.
I feel some sort of obligation to send it to WDTPRS or post it here, but I was given the impression by those who allowed me to read it that it wasn't technically a public document. So, I shall resist hacking into the email account of my boss* in order to do so, even though I'm pretty sure I know what the password is. :-)

*I wasn't quite sure how to make "boss" possesive. or, for that matter, how to spell "possesive."


Anonymous said...

But he hasn't placed a ban on Latin? There's actually 1 or 2 Tridentine Masses in your diocese (which I grew up in) Maybe he just meant "until September 14th", but still I don't see WHY a bishop can't grant an indult before then.

I never knew what to think about him. I always heard from people that he's bad, although the liturgies in his diocese are typically pretty decent. Now a seminarian tells me he's actually quite good. In fact the seminarian told me a story. It seems the bishop was at a Confirmation Mass or something, and was doing the procession out. Right after he kissed the altar, he turned around and waved his arms yelling "STOP!! STOP THE MUSIC!!" and apparently demanded that they do a different song :P I'd be pretty angry if a bishop did that, but it's good he takes charge against heretical music!

Of course, my current bishop requested that we NOT use "Ecce Sacerdos" when he visits and forbids singing the liturgy...


Mara Joy said...

no ban on Latin. That was probably a stupid rumor started by someone who said, "he's forbidding the Latin Mass." and heard by someone as, "He's forbidding Latin in the Mass." I'm going to go back and read the document closer, but I did think it was interesting how he used the phrase, "at this time," which doesn't necessarily exclude the TLM after Sep. 14. I didn't read it carefully enough though.
Anyhow, well, apparently he used to be great. But he still does some really good stuff. Like he's supportive of stuff like this house for single women discerning religious life, and it is true that he does not allow "City of God" or "Ashes" to be sung at Mass. But then someone told me recently that they mentioned to him they went to an Opus Dei retreat and the priests were wearing cassocks, and he like rolled his eyes or something and was like, "what? they're wearing cassocks?"
But that's AWESOME about yelling to stop the music. I wish I had been there (just not doing the music...) it was probably City of God...

Anonymous said...


I respectfully contend that it actually was incredibly crass of him to shout to the musicians to stop. I don’t care if they’re doing “Lean On Me”. Certain music may not be in keeping with what Western society regards as good ritual music, and certain texts may be off the mark theologically, but it certainly isn’t an improvement when the bishop, or any celebrant, jumps into the mud along with them.

And, your current bishop forbids singing the liturgy?? What does that mean?

Puff the Magic Dragon said...

Possessive of boss is boss'

Anonymous said...

I respectfully dispute that claim:

Boniface said...


We ought to send this to WDTPRS...I would also recommend that we start gathering signatures of people to send to him to request a TLM, since the MP says that the bishops has to concede it if the faithful request it. Also, I would be keeping track of everything he says about it if we need to get a hold of the Ecclesia Dei Commission; of course, we couldn't do any of this unless Father got on board, but it sure would be sweet...


Anonymous said...

I still think he's saying he won't provide anymore of the indults. He's quite generous with the old Mass, at least I think so.

Cantor, I agree with you that it was inappropriate, but I certainly applaud him taking ANY action - even if done wrongly. I do have to wonder why churches pull out their worst songs for when the bishop comes. At my confirmation with the same bishop, the offertory song was "You are Mine". So ideally the bishop would have approached the musicians and said "that song is not to be played in my diocese." But at this point you take what you can get.

Regarding my current bishop, I exaggerated a bit. But music is NOT a priority with him. He refuses to chant at Mass, when he came for confirmation my boss had to sing the Kyrie because otherwise it would be recited. My observation of him and knowledge of the cathedral music seems to say that he just does "enough" for the liturgy to get by. Not the worst stance out there, but it certainly doesn't do any good.

totustuusmaria said...

My goodness. Blah. Of course he doesn't have the right to forbid something permitted to the Universal Church. Try this as a syllogism:

1) All Roman Catholic Priests are permitted to offer the Mass according to the Missal of 1962 without permission of their Ordinary or Rome.
2) Priests of the Diocese of Lansing are not permitted to offer the Mass according to the Missal of 1962 without permission of their Ordinary or Rome.
3) Therefore priests of the Diocese of Lansing are not Roman Catholic Priests.

Let me check: distributed middle? Check. illicit major or minor? Don't see any. That's a formally sound syllogism. Only problem is that the first premise is false. Every priest in the diocese of Lansing is permitted to offer the Tridentine Mass because they are Catholic priests. If they weren't, they wouldn't be Catholic priests.