Monday, January 15, 2007

so yesterday I was rehearsing the choir before Mass, and the basses didn't know their part very well, so I first tried playing everyone else's parts on the manulas very quietly, (while they were singing,) and the basses part loudly in the pedals, but by the end of the song I had dropped the manuals completely and was JUST playing with the pedals. My choir members were shocked.
"You were just playing with your feet!"
"Yeah? I play with them all the time!"
"But we never actually see/notice it!"

funny. I guess that must look funny. To see me sitting there, but just moving my feet, and the organ apparantely playing itself! They were impressed.

St. Thomas is starting a schola. We'll sing every 2nd and 4th Sunday at the 12:30 Mass. Which means I get to RUN from my 10:30 at my church...
I'm quite excited to begin really learning how to do all this weird/cool/new chant stuff...

I found a sweet little book in my choir loft yesterday. "Cantate Domino Prima Anthologia Melodica" compiled by Sac. Carlo Rossini from 1930. A bunch of 3 part (TTB or SSA-but I shall use it for SAB-I'm always looking for good music for my 7 person choir!) All Latin, lots of different a cappella arrangements of famous (Tantum Ergo, Ave Verum Corpus, etc.) and not so famous texts by this guy Rossini and others such as G. B. Grazioli, Orlando Lasso, B. Cordans, Palestrina, etc.
Now I have to find the balance of using Latin music with textually and musically good contemporary stuff. I am not a die-hard "traditionalist." I think there is no harm in using the best, regardless of style. And besides, why would I want to drive away those whose faith is shaky by choosing music that is COMPLETELY disagreeable to them? I understand that I can't please everyone, and I guess this is my desire-to find and carefully walk the line where people can learn to appreciate good Catholic music other than what they are comfortable with.

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Gavin said...

I found a few books at my church laying around, I forget the title. Anyway, it's 2 part proper offertories for the whole church year, unfortunately the books I have only include the voice parts. I don't know how it is, it includes Rossini's "rules" ("only the Italian pronunciations shall be used for Latin...") and such.