Tuesday, July 14, 2009

book in the mail

As I have mentioned before, I was lucky to have in my choir loft a copy of the "Pius X hymnal organ accompaniment" book. I have often used it's chant accompaniments for improvisations, and a few of the easier (2 part) latin motets.
I have not been able to find anywhere online, either then or since, another copy of this, or heard of anyone else who has one.
I also have in my choir loft a choir book of the "St. Gregory Hymnal." A week or so ago, I decided to do a search for the organ accompaniment edition online, to see if anyone has reprinted it (the choir edition is not very useful without,) and lo and behold it has been available through the Newmann Press since 2000! So, I purchased a copy, and it came in the mail today and I am quite excited to skim through it, examining the organ parts, and possibilities of new hymns or things for the choir to sing!

Sunday, July 05, 2009


did I ever mention how much I despise photographers at weddings?

at my most recent wedding, the photographer asked if it was ok to stand right by me (the organ is in the center of the choir loft-an ideal place to take pictures from.) and I said ok if she didnt flash (a parish policy which the bride was supposed to have told her.) she seemed surprised, took one picture without flash, didnt seem pleased with it, then flashed away... *flash* *flash* click *flash* ugh so obnoxious to ANYone trying to enjoy the ceremony. Not only did she scoot as close to me as possible (definitely inside my personal space bubble on the organ bench,) but then by leaning over she accidentally bumped down some paper that I had sitting on the loft railing! (oops... good thing it just landed on the co-photographer below...) in the middle of the wedding!

I also just don't understand the amount of money that people find necessary to spend on a photographer at their wedding. like, what, are you really going to forget that you got married? And after the first year of marriage, who EVER actually pulls out their book of wedding photos? Can't you just get some friend with a steady hand and a decent camera to take a bunch of pictures? (Better yet, the friend will *know* all of the important relatives/friends whose pictures ought to be taken!)

Once I had agreed to play for a friends wedding (on piano) for my standard fee, (and I understand, piano players are a dime a dozen...but still, I charge the same for my time doesn't matter what instrument!) then she later apologetically told me that she had had a misunderstanding with her fiance about the bugdet and couldnt afford me. Well, fine, I totally understand...
HOWEVER... let me guess that they were spending a couple thousand dollars on a photographer! Which is really more lasting? The photos which only a few people will see, then they will be shoved in a closet for the next 50 years? (really, when we look at old photographs, of, say, our grandparents weddings, who really cares about anything except the picture of the bride and groom?!) Or is the music more lasting, that *every*one will hear and enjoy or not!
(don't misread me, in this particular situation, they did get a very fine but not professional piano player who did an excellent job, and so I am glad they saved money and certainly do not hold it against them, I am just pointing out the irony, that I suspect is regularly repeated at weddings.)

Also, I think that photographers are the absolute worst culprit of dis-respect at Mass, as in they have NO idea of what is sacred. Guess what? You don't need to snap 20 million pictures of the priest reading the Gospel! He's just STANDING THERE! Let us enjoy the moment!