Thursday, February 26, 2009

interesting job posting

"Presently merging Catholic communities of St. Thomas Aquinas Parish and St. John Student Parish (serving Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan).
Seeking a faith-filled, highly organized and competent pastoral musician to direct the music ministry of newly-merging community/university parish at two sites within one mile of each other. The candidate will have an appreciation of the full spectrum of liturgical music and styles in addition to organ/piano and directing skills. Responsibilities will include liturgical planning with a Director of Worship on a collaborative pastoral team; scheduling other instrumentalists and vocalists; coordination with the school music program staff; and the organization of diverse and vibrant ensembles (adult traditional choir, children’s choirs, multi-instrumental ensembles). There will be eight weekend liturgies (four at each site, including the diocesan televised Outreach Mass), as well as a full compliment of other liturgical celebrations. Salary negotiable based on education and experience."

I find this position interesting, mainly because of the size...both of these parishes are HUGE as is...but my biggest concern is...EIGHT weekend liturgies?
does the position require the music director to be at all of them?
(I'm ok after doing 3, tired after doing 4, and I've never done 5 before but I'm pretty sure that would be my absolute max.)

It's not even ALLOWED for a priest to do more than THREE!


Matthew Meloche said...

Oh, just drink some more coffee and don't go out on Saturday night. I used to do 7 Masses every weekend, 8 or 9 if there was Weddings/Funerals while I was in university.

Anonymous said...

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