Friday, March 06, 2009

Daily Mass

(I have exactly 4 minutes in which to write this...)

After I woke up this morning, and began thinking about my day (Friday is sort of my day off,) I started thinking, "now, when should I go to Mass? probably noon...and where? there's a couple options...hmmm..this place will take 10 minutes to get there and I don't like such and such about it...but this place is shorter but I don't like the priest usualy...etc..." and I started realizing that my thinking was along the lines of "ugh I have to go to daily Mass today cuz I do every day, and especially cuz I wont get to tomorrow," and I really knew that wasn't quite the right attitude.
So I gave myself the day off. I do not HAVE to go to daily Mass. In fact, it is not even healthy if I am thinking about it in such a way!
So I ended up doing a few good things today, one of which would have had to be eliminated had a taken an hour and gone to Mas; I went for a walk during this gorgeous weather, I finished a good book, I made some nice phone calls, etc.
And I know I made the right decision.
God is pleased with me.
(just maybe someday I will learn to love Mass--every single day!)

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