Friday, March 27, 2009

whistling in church

I was rather amused to come into the church today to work on the plans for Holy Week liturgies, when I noticed a bird flying around.
Kind of distracting, but cute. It was apparently very confused. I whistled at it a few times, don't tell Fr. G, (I don't think he would approve of people whistling in church!)
I opened the doors, so it might fly out, but it kept sitting on the stairs that go up to the belltower in back. (The highest point in the church, also by what was the brightest stained glass window, but nowhere near the open door!) stupid bird.
Finally, after about an hour it flew outside.


Anonymous said...

Cute! :)

Anonymous said...

From the wild bird rehabilitation site,
BIRD CAUGHT IN HOUSE: (or church!)

* If bird is caught in house;

* Darken room by closing blinds, shades, doors;

* Leave only one exit (large bright sunny) opening for the bird to fly out.

I think because it was flying to the brightness of the stained glass window, it didn't see the open door below.

Did it ever fly out? Or will it be like a mall bird and try to eke out a living in the church? Uh oh, cover the holy water fonts!