Tuesday, April 14, 2009

a million-dollar idea

why doesn't someone make a piano method book for boys? Or not even a complete method, just a supplement.

Well, actually, I know why. No one wants to admit that boys might be different than girls.

why are only 3 out of my 14 piano students boys? and out of those, I am having serious difficulties with one and slight difficulties with another in terms of keeping them "interested?"

Let's face it folks, there are certain styles of music that boys like better than others.

But my problem is I don't have a broad enough survey to get a better idea of what they like.
I could throw in a few ideas. Pink Panther, the Olympic theme song, and Chariots of Fire to name a couple. They will like cool soundtracks, but what to do about the kid who isn't so media savy?
What do songs they like have in common?
Either familiarity, or just as likely, a very steady *strong* rhythmic beat. But I don't really want to go through all of the piano books to pick out songs that are like these...

seriously, someone could make a million bucks off this idea. I KNOW it's not "pc," but doesn't every piano teacher struggle with the same question?
Songs like "Morning" just don't quite cut it for most boys... (and more importantly, doesn't keep them interested!)

(ahem, anyone who DOES make a million bucks off this idea had better give me a slice of that pie!)

(also, I do know that such a book does exist, at least one called "Something new for the boys," published by alfred, but I would criticize it in that it relies much too heavily on popular/contemporary songs, rather than getting at the core of what *styles* of pieces do boys tend to like...and teaching them new songs they don't know, but will learn to love!)

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Anonymous said...

You are not the only one noticing boys struggling...