Monday, March 12, 2007

instrumental music during Lent.

So I get the impression that my boss really prefers if I play nice meditative music before Mass for 10 minutes or so. I managed to convince him (he really tries to do exactly what the Church teaches, but also has excellent pastoral abilities and insights, and sometimes I wonder if the two clash once in a while, like on this occasion.) I managed to point out what the Church teaches about instrumental music during Lent, as in, there should be none, it should only support the singing. And to me that means there shouldn't be preludes of any sort. But I'm not a stickler for this! If my playing actually helps people to pray before Mass, (it provides a more respectful atmosphere? But as I haven't been playing for the past couple weekends, I also haven't noticed more people than usual talking!) then should I do it even if maybe I shouldn't during Lent?
Perhaps I will put to him the proposal that I'll play before Mass on Laetare Sunday if he wears "Rose" vestments... (hehe, he won't-he claims he doesn't have any!)
But perhaps in all serious that would be a nice compromise?
any thoughts on the importance of obeying a direction from the Church such as this (which could be argued isn't all that clear, or is not very high on the scale of things that are important...) as opposed to following a pastoral sense which would help people to possibly experience more reverence before Mass?

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Gavin said...

At one point, I limited my postludes to something quiet during Lent. That's usually a good idea, and perhaps cut out all improvisation/solos during Mass.

As for me, I haven't been following these rules at all. I basically gave up on preludes/postludes but play offertories when I feel like it. Probably not the example for you to follow, but at least for me I feel REALLY uncomfortable at 10:59 when there's no music and everyone's waiting for the entrance.