Sunday, March 25, 2007


I was reading the latest blog from NLM (, and I was thinking about how thankful I am for my own parish situation.
For the Saturday Mass, I usually end up singing by myself, at the organ in the choir loft, facing away from the people, so I use a microphone. I really only sing loudly for the Psalm and Gospel Acclamation. I know their are many who would criticize the fact that I sing into the microphone at all for everything else, but I think it works well for Saturday (when there are only about 50 people in the church-I think the fact that there is so few of them makes them feel like they are the only ones singing, so they sing quieter, and it's just a downward spiral,) so I very very moderately use the microphone as a kind of backup.
Then for the first Sunday Mass, I have a FABULOUS cantor who just sings from the loft without any amplification. She has a loud but lovely voice, that fits well into our small church. So, for those who would criticize my own use of the microphone (note especially that I face away from the congregation, and my voice is not very loud!) what is so different between using quiet amplification and a loud (but not overpowering) cantor?
and then finally, the choir Mass, which is just wonderful. I mean, I have no idea what it is like to be down in the congregation, but first of all, it is the most crowded Mass, and I know that having more people makes it easier for everyone to sing, and at least from my vantage point, I just hear the choir, so that sounds great! And of course the choir is the ideal situation, I just have one cantor or myself sing the Psalm amplified, and I usually teach the Gospel verse to the whole choir right before Mass.
so, I guess I'm doing something right.
sorry for another self-indulgent post.
there are lots of really other interesting things about my church and my boss, and my job...but I can't control who reads this, and I certainly don't want to get in trouble like blogger X (yes, you know who you are... ;-) so the gossip in me will just have to be stiffled by writing about all of these silly things that no one really cares about. sigh.

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