Sunday, March 18, 2007

yes! score! rose vestments!

I was sooo tempted to take a picture during the homily with the camera in my phone, but if he had seen me, I never would have heard the end of it. Or else the picture just wouldn't have turned out.

but here's how it came about:

So back in Advent, for Gaudete Sunday, Father told the congregation that while the church did own some "rose" vestments, they were ancient and much too small for him. As I mentioned in a previous post, I asked the sacristan a few days ago if that was true. He said it wasn't.
So yesterday, when I got to church, I was in the office and saw Father and said to him,
"So, I have a proposal. Given that this is Laetare Sunday and we ought to be more 'rejoiceful,' I'll play a prelude before all the Masses if you'll wear rose vestments!"
"But I don't have any rose vestments! How about if you just play a prelude?"
"Hm. I don't think so. And you do too have rose vestments."
"But they're tiny! They don't even go down to my knees!"
"That's not what I heard..."
"Who'd you hear that from?"
"Jim." (the sacristan.)
"Well, I'll go try them on again just to prove that they're too small!"
"No, really, if it's that big a deal, don't bother...I was just suggesting... I know you just don't like the color pink..."
"Mara! It's not about what I like! I'm going to go try them on again and you'll see they're too small!"

(and of course to prove that he also wasn't just not wearing them because he hates pink, sure enough, he wore them for Mass! And 8 minutes before Mass started I noticed this, and had to pull a prelude out of my hat...)

At the third Mass he actually told the congregation, "So this is Laetare Sunday, and the reason I am wearing rose vestments is because Mara said she would play prelude music if I did so. I HATE the color pink. I won't even use a pink post-it note!"

And after Mass someone asked me, "He was joking about that story, right...?"



Anonymous said...

That's an awesome story!

Anonymous said...

That was me, Gavin, by the way :P