Saturday, March 24, 2007

ramblings (don't read if you're only looking for profoundness...)

worked at St. X's fish fry last night. I can't believe I've been Catholic for 22 years, and I've never worked at a fish fry, and until 2 weeks ago had never even BEEN to one! I guess that's what happens when the parish where you grow up at doesn't have any.
It was fun, got to talk to a lot of people, had a nice conversation with Father where he told me that he had heard from TWO people that my way of assigning Psalms for Holy Week had offended someone (and I was already frustrated cuz I had realized that I had not used the best strategy, and was annoyed at myself for not having been more organized-but I can't cuz my recital coming up-see below, so to find out that even HE had heard about it [although not to make it sound worse than it was, he actually thought it was a cute story, and kept telling me how wonderful of a job I'm doing and how everyone is liking me more and more] I guess I'm just to hard on myself...) so that just exacerbated my irritation with myself.
but the fish fry was fun cuz even though I worked a lot, I also got to talk to a lot of people, and not just people from the parish, but people I know from around the area.
Like, I talked to one older couple who I know, and they're like, "Oh, we saw you're working play the organ?" "Yeah." "How many Masses are there? So do you just play the organ for one of those?" "Uh, no, I play for all of them..." "Really? (note of surprise) You mean there isn't like a, um, youth Mass?" "No..." (at which point I thought of a whole lot of things I could reply, but none of them seemed to work, so I just said,) "Do you know Father?" And they laughed and said, "Oh yes..." But I'm not sure if they got what I was referring to about "youth Masses."
But that is something I need to think about more once I graduate-how I can incorporate the youth more with music that has substance and yet will appeal to them...
anyhow, recital.
ah yes. "Recital Approval" is on Tuesday. Fabulous. that's like, what, 3 days away? We'll see how well I can play my pieces under stress. meh. and recital is April 2, which is coming up sooo soon... I'm pretty terrified. maybe I need to stop talking about how terrified I am, cuz maybe that makes it worse...
I just need to focus on how I am NOT inviting any critical organ majors, and therefore, everyone who will be there will know and love me and WANT me to do well, and also how I'm just doing this for the Glory of God. (although I'm not quite sure if my playing of these pieces will be up to any sort of decent standard... :-)

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