Tuesday, March 24, 2009

more options for Mass!

So my post two posts ago got me thinking about this.

I wish that I had more options for where to go to Mass daily. A couple times in the past few weeks, I have had a lot on my mind and have thought to myself, "boy, I wish I could just go to a Tridentine Mass and sit there, and pray, and meditate, and not sing, and not verbally respond..."

But instead, the kinds of factors that go into my decision are things like Mass times, distance from my house, what kind of songs I will be forced to sing, how short of a Mass I want, who I want (or don't want) to listen to a homily from, whether I can understand the priest's accent, and worrying about how much the priest will "improvise" during Mass.

sooo... those are my limiting options (and notice NONE of them included how much I needed/wanted to physically participate in Mass that day!)
And I just wish I could have the OPTION of a Tridentine Mass. (Well, my friend pointed out, "you could if you lived in Detroit...but then again you'd have to deal with the traffic, etc...")


Mr S said...

If music is important, :)
and if Lord of the Dance is among your favorites, :(
there is a parish in downtown Brighton that will make you appreciate your parish even more.

TopTech said...

Mr S' comment is enough to make me appreciate my parish and priest!

Anonymous said...

Our parish cantor-lady sounds exactly like Ms Piggy and really "hams" it up, but the church is 100 yards from home and it is the only Mass not in Spanish (& without mariachis) in Richmond, CA.

BONIFACE said...

Father G should read this post "hint hint" Fr G...a tridentine Mass would be well attended in A2