Monday, November 19, 2007

People Look East

I am programing music for Advent right now, and I was trying to remember if I remembered correctly that some people were down on "People Look East," (as not having very much religious significance.)
I re-read the lyrics, and noted something that is having more particular significance for me lately.
(background: I've been reading/thinking/praying a lot lately about the significance of "God is Love." I mean, really, God IS Love. The source of Love, Love get it.)
So anyhow, with that in mind, the last line of "People Look East," being all the tropes, "Love the Guest/Lord/whatever is on the way," actually has significance! (ok, I'll stop using that word for now.) because we can substitute God/Christ for it!
Ok, maybe that was obvious to everyone else, but it seems to me a perfect Advent Carol!

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Cantor said...

East = Second Coming.

make your hearts fair = put your house in order (from the Gospel...can’t remember where)

I think people who poo-poo the use of this hymn in the liturgy are maybe a bit neglectful of the tradition of seeing God in nature and reflecting that in hymn texts - e.g. “Ave maris stella”, the pelican in “Adoro te devote”, etc.