Saturday, September 06, 2008

the singing on Marian Feasts

I meant to write about this a couple weeks ago, as in, right after the Feast of the Assumption, but of course I am not getting around to it until now.
I made an observation on that particular feast day, about how wonderful the singing is at Marian Feasts.
For two reasons:
It really is pretty much just the "good Catholics" who will go to Mass on a Thursday evening--holy day or not! And those are the Catholics who are more likely, period, to ...sing!
and then the songs we sing for Mary...they just LOVE.
They will belt out "Immaculate Mary" and "Hail Holy Queen" like no other! (I mean, it's wonderful! I love it!)
And I made another interesting (but really not surprising at all) observation that I would like to point out:
The singing at the evening Mass (contrasted with the 8:30 am Mass) was like...the Mass of MEN!
Of course, the 8:30 am Mass was full of women and children, but all the working fathers went to 7pm.
And they sang their hearts out.
it was a beautiful sound.

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Gavin said...

when I visited your church, I was impressed by how the men in the parish sang. I've never heard male congregational singing like that before!