Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I love the things that people search for online that my blog comes up for.

around this time of year I get a lot of people searching for "People Look East." (not sure what they're looking for...melody? lyrics? if anyone here is looking for that, the text is by Eleanor Farjeon, and it's a French tune called "Besancon" with a meter of 87 98 87, according to my Ritual Song hymnal published by GIA. Sorry I'm not going to bother typing out the lyrics. I'd rather not get sued by "David Higham Assoc. Ltd." They sound important...)

I wish I could respond to the people who come looking for things. To the person who searched, "Catholic psalm settings" I would have a lot to say, as to the person who searched, "instrumental recessional songs."
I'm sure I could also have a nice discussion with whoever looked for "hymns that match scripture" or "churches playing recorded music."

and then what about whoever searched for, "Catholic Mass processions entrance offertory communion recessional"?

Recently someone searched for "choir rehearsal panic"
(and they got MY blog?! hehe...)

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