Friday, March 26, 2010


Fr. Z writes a little rant about the latest abuse scandals in the Church.

One sentence in particular caught my attention... "The sins this man and others like him (committed) deserve eternal hell."

And I so badly wanted to respond in the comments (but they were off!) "The tiniest sins of ANY of us deserve an eternal hell!"

Not to excuse anyone's sins, but just keep that in mind when you are judging others of their heinous sins!


John said...

Well... venial sins, too?

I think we'd normally say that even original sin only deserves something like limbo; venial sins deserve temporal punishment; and only mortal sins deserve eternal hell.

Mara Joy said...

well...I'm not a theologian, but I thought that aside from the fact of Christ's death and resurrection, the tiniest sin would send us to eternal damnation. Of course, keeping in mind that no sin is unforgivable if repented.