Thursday, July 08, 2010


So, we're in the process of making a "book" for St. P.
A real, published book, unlike the current "hymnal supplement" that's in the pews now. (thanks to Lulu, I think?)
(It also has something to do with the new translation, and will have that in there as well, I think, but reading the latest liturgical gossip online, I'm not quite sure what's up with that lately...)

so, my job this summer (and before I go to NPM on Sunday!) is to compile all of the songs/Mass ordinaries, etc into a pdf format to be published.
good grief.
thankfully, I can use most of the songs from the previous "hymnal supplement," which I've already input into Sibelius to make that, so I'm just adding songs that might possibly be wanted (I found a few more Communion ones from an old choir book in the loft [that book in itself I could write a blog entry on! It seems to be one of the first after Vatican II--incorporating the "newbies" like "they'll know we are Christians..." as well as the Latin chants... interesting!] so I added a few,) but seriously, can you imagine thinking ahead for a few years and trying to imagine all of the songs which your congregation might POSSIBLY want?!
and, the Mass ordinaries. I'm not quite clear on my mission for this one. We have the Latin Ordinary Jubilate Deo (minus the Credo--based on how long it's taking to learn the Gloria; we haven't even started the Sanctus or Pater Noster! well... on second thought, maybe I had better include that...who knows what will happen in 2 years?) but am I supposed to find English settings of the new Missal translation? I hope not. But, it does seem to be a good opportunity. I have at least one friend who has composed for it, and when it does finally come out and become required, I'm not sure that I'm going to want to teach my congregation whatever is published by "the establishment." hm...

so, anyhow.

I'm trying to think of all the songs I might possibly want in here. Of course, when I made the first book, I left out a number of songs that I was like, "duh! why didn't I include that?!" like "Veni Creator," and an English translation.
but tonight, as I was working, I came across something where I had reminded myself of a gem... "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing," set to Nettleton.
so, I put it into Sibelius, thought about the "Precious Blood" that those Protestants are talking about when the sing it, and felt really peaceful inside, that this song was needed (I think the choir sang it as an arrangement once, and at least one congregation member was like, "why don't we ever sing that?") so, I'm just so happy that it's there.

the end.

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