Wednesday, August 11, 2010

piano students who can't read music

I occasionally get a new piano student who "took lesson before" from someone else, and about half the time, I am absolutely horrified by how the student cannot ready music at ALL. Then, as soon as I discover that, I try to see if they know the names of the notes on the lines and spaces...then if they don't remember those very well, I try and figure out if they even know the names of the notes on the *keyboard,* and I am sometimes shocked when they don't even know that! I'm sure it's at least somewhat related to how long ago they had their last piano lesson, but I have had students who had recent lessons and were as described!

My point being; I wonder if my students would be like that.

I hope not, but wow, I can't believe how sad that would be, how much one would be failing their students if that were the case.

so, is it that students just forget these things? Or that the teachers neglect to adequately teach them? Or that the teachers never taught them?! Or that the teachers just forget to regularly reinforce these? (the last one is most likely in my case!)

Maybe I'm just wondering whether I get to *judge* and *disdain* the previous teachers of my certain piano students (haha!) or I'm terrified that some future piano teacher will say the same of MY current students! :-o


Aaron said...

maybe they only took like... 1 and a half lessons from their former teacher. =)

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine can't read music too, but he can play the piano very well. He can't read music not because he is not willing to learn,but because he can't see, HE IS BLIND.
"Actually you do not need to see in order to play musical intruments, you just need to use your ears," he said.

joyce said...

I have played piano (and organ) for over 60 years and even had around 10 students years ago but now I have a high school boy who can play (mostly by ear) and has had some training and knows basics but wants to be able to read music and play....should I start at the very beginning and review what he may know or what? He really wants to read music and does play beautifully!