Saturday, January 22, 2011

new look!

wow, thank you AF... I haven't made any changes to my blog since, like, uh, 2006? wow I'm old...
anyhow, that was all for the purpose of allowing YOU to easily become my "follower." stalkerish is *that*?! (It didn't seem like I could add the "gadget" with my old template, at least not easily.)

soo...feel free to click on that, you know, little thing over on the right side. It seems to be the cool thing to do.

Unfortunately, in the changes, I seem to have lost my list of links, (which doesn't really matter anyhow, b/c it's not like I ever looked at more than a couple of them regularly!) So, apologies if your blog isn't linked to anymore, let me know if it should be, or if you know of any others that are interesting. But, that has the added plus that I now don't have links to any abandoned blogs, and that I've even added some new ones! yay!

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