Wednesday, March 02, 2011

help for church musicians! :-)

I know it happens... you want an easy piece but beautiful piece, and yet your basses all totally flake out and you realize that you have a weekend with a 3-voice choir coming up! Never fear, there are plenty of SSA or TTB music written...and all it needs is a simple transposition for a competent but small mixed choir to sing it!

I have a couple of nice little books put together by our friend Carol Rossini that contain 3 part music in ridiculously high keys, but since I've done the work on transposing one down a perfect fourth (!) here it is for the enjoyment of the world and my fellow church musician friends, and so that the 45 minutes I spent inputting this can have additional benefit!
Adoramus Te
perfect for Lent!
(If you want it a whole step higher or anything, leave a comment or email.)

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Luke said...

oh this is awesome! I will definitely use this during Lent