Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Random thoughts

My life has been rather interesting... I had a great post to write about my new (temporary) job, but then things changed and I decided to not write it.

Organists, don't forget this fabulous postlude for this weekend! Sorry I can't find a link online... Franck's Sortie "Venez, divin Messie" from L'Organiste!

How come in the Mass, the priest says at the doxology, "All glory and honor IS yours," but then a moment later, after the Our Father, we say, "For the kingdom, the power, and the glory ARE yours..." Which is grammatically correct? And is there a difference that I am not seeing?

Speaking of translations... We should just say, "And also with your spirit." And get over it. (haha, not really.... but that's about what it comes out to be!)

Children's choirs simply do not work during the liturgy. By the very nature of them being there, you have all their parents there, who are going to be turning around and waving at them, and being distracted by them, and so there is no way that the congregation is "paying attention" to Mass itself. And then, there is the applause. Even if it's not until after the final song, it just goes to show what people were *really* there for...

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