Sunday, April 22, 2012

new job!

wow, what an exciting weekend! I mean, it wasn't terribly exciting, but I really am embarking on an adventure. First of all, I have NEVER been told that I was playing a hymn to slow in my life, occasionally people comment on how fast they are... but my new pastor apparently really really likes fast hymns (and I think he actually likes hymns, not just fast "contemporary" music,) and he even told me that one of my hymns was too slow. (I'm still not sure if it was "Alleluia Number 1," or "Ye Sons and Daughters." (He said "the second song you played," which would be the Alleluia No. 1; if I weren't brand new at this, and had had more of an opportunity to figure it out, I might have argued with him, "listen, dude, you know what city I'm from? well, that's where the composer of that song is from. I think I've heard it enough times and from close enough sources to the original, that I KNOW how fast it's supposed to go." So, I just sped it up a bit for the next Mass. However, he may have been referring to "Ye Sons and Daughters," which would make a LOT more sense, as that piece is able to be sung at a large range of tempos. I did it a touch slower than I would have normally done b/c it was for communion. So I sped that up for the next Mass also. ) Anyhow, my weekend was made absolutely delightful, when, upon entering the choir loft on Saturday afternoon, I realized that the organ was pretty much *completely* fixed and useable! (I had been prepared for it to be about 50%. blah.) It was wonderful! A bit out of tune, but it's got a nice, new console, and a LOT of ranks and pipes! I've never gotten to play an organ for a church before that even had more than 7 ranks, lol! Now, I am soooo excited to get more comfortable with the different registrations and starting to be creative. (I think that one of the things that has always held me back in my flexibility with registrations when using an organ like Hill, is that I simply have no experience and little opportunity to practice. It will of course be exciting as well, "Oh wow, that trumpet came out a little louder than I was expecting on that..." :-P So, to be able to play this organ, in this gorgeous church? Well, hopefully the situation will be all rainbows and unicorns, but I'm mentally preparing myself to be able to "put up" with a LOT, and stick it out...


Mara Joy said...

um...apparently the new blogger design does not translate my "enters" as "insert a line-space." [head bang]
sorry about that, everyone. (all 3 of my readers.)

Scelata said...

I am so happy for you, Marajoy. (Mara? Joy? whoever you are...)
This sounds like an exciting and demanding liturgical/music program to be a part of.

(Save the Liturgy, Save the World)