Sunday, June 10, 2012

Corpus Christi Fail and Win

So, I figured that today was as good a day as any to refresh my memory on the Extraordinary Form of the Mass. (Has it really been almost a year since I've attended one?!)
I had reason to believe that there would be a Corpus Christi procession, and since we weren't doing one at my Ordinary Form Mass, (and Corpus Christi is my FAVORITE Feast,) I figured this would be my best chance.
So, I get to Mass, and I'm following along in my missal, and I'm trying to listen to the choir sing the Introit, but it doesn't quite sound like what's in my missal...and then I realize. Oh. The missal says something about Corpus Christi Thursday. And then I look up and realize.... the priest is wearing green.
Had I not been celebrating Corpus Christi immediately after with the Ordinary Form, that would have been quite a sad and jolting ending to this string of some of my favorite feasts, and the beginning of the long and boring Ordinary Time of summer.

And I'm sad to realize that I missed a very cool liturgy and procession on Thursday. :-(

Oh well. The good news is... I really like my job, and my boss.
Yesterday, he was like, "Oh, tomorrow let's do the Sequence."
And I was like, "Oh, but it's optional."
"You want it?!" Sweetness!
I'm still not sure exactly where the translation is from, but I was delighted to find that the translation in our OCP missalettes was almost the same as the English setting by Fr. Samuel Weber! Yay!
The only changes were that OCP used "thee" instead of "you" and things like "knowest" instead of know. Which is interesting, b/c the "older english" words actually perfectly coincided with the Latin melody and syllables, so whoever wrote that made sure it would fit with the original chant melody, but whoever just willy-nilly decided to get rid of "showest" and the like, simply didn't care that they were altering the metrical structure.
So, I chanted it, with organ accompaniment, and fast. :-)   (Like Father wants!)

A colleague of mine at another church told me that his music director mentioned, "oh, don't do the sequence tomorrow."
What is happening? Is it the new translation? Never in my lifetime has ANY church that I've known of even considered doing this 7 minute long piece!
(Is it because for the first time ever it's in all the missalettes? If so, why? The new translation? Um,'s ALWAYS been an option in the Novus Ordo...)

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Andrew Fanco said...

(Half of) The Sequence was beautifully chanted by one of your classmates at the Archbishop's Mass.

The other half was the lady cantor.