Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I'm sorry.

There are no interesting thoughts in my mind right now.
Just happy that I have nothing to do today. Cancelled my piano students cuz of the snow, but that means I didn't go into work to get anything done for choir tomorrow. (I can never get much done beforehand cuz some people pray the Divine Office right before in the church.) Hopefully I can play all of the songs...ha. Meeting later tonight has been cancelled because their tractor thing broke so we couldn't even get in their big driveway. Going out to dinner to celebrate that new freedom with some friends. (Ignoring the fact that it's St. Valentines Day-however, the guys house made us a WONDERFUL breakfast this morning!)

In other news, on Friday morning I have a very important meeting with someone, that will probably alter/determine the course of my life. I'm quite excited/nervous.
Say a prayer for it and for me!

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