Monday, December 31, 2007

Sometimes I start to write an entry, and then think to myself, "why bother?" So I delete it all. (I was writing about the mind of the average congregation member, and what they actually think about the music.)

I kind of hope it snows really hard tonight so I don't have to go play for Mass.


Mr S said...

I have found that the mind of the average Catholic is theologically at a "4-5th grade level". Regular Mass attendees grade out a bit higher, with some in a "high(er) school" of understanding.

You should be encouraged that you can play for some who desire continuing education.

When one stops being part of the solution to that desire.... one becomes ..... well you know the cliche'

When I am tired, I hope for lots of snow too.

I suppose that you could take a break...go to a Baptist service, or a will make you run back to the good work you are doing.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

At each consecration you can say the same thing Simeon said when the Christ Child was presented in the temple... "My eyes have seen the salvation of God."

So if your music [1] helps a congregation member focus on the Eucharist or [2] strenghens their desire for an even more vertical ligurgy..... your hope for snow will vanish.

God Bless


BONIFACE said...


Please do not get discouraged. I for one enjoy your blog and your thoughts very much.

Jeanne said...

If people waited for the 10:30 service and didn't attend the vigil, they missed out - music was great! Can you believe the full house?!!!

ps: have been reading the blog for a while now and love it - keep it comin'!

Mara Joy said...

wait...who is this?

also, to everyone:
I wasn't really hoping it would snow because I hate my job and everything, (I don't, I love it!) I just wanted a morning off! (which I got.)