Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Missa Cantata

well, it appears that St. P. will be celebrating Mass according to the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite sooner than I expected. Musica Sacra has some great guides about the rubrics of Low Mass compared to High Mass, but I still don't quite understand where "Missa Cantata" fits into this. This seems to say that High Mass is musically pretty much the same as Missa Cantata. So what does the priest do that is different between Solemn High Mass and Missa Cantata, or between Missa Cantata and Low Mass?


Mara Joy said...

why do I feel like no one reads my blog anymore? (hm. if they ever did...)

Gavin said...

Congrats! As far as the differences, it doesn't really matter to us. I have no clue what they are, and it's a bunch of small things like the number of candles or something...

What I'm planning to do at my priest's first EF is to form a massed choir from churches in the area and bring in a local schola. That will give people the exposure to the Mass and great music and hopefully spread demand for the EF at our church (which the priest is understandably very worried about). If it's after June and you do something like that, let me know and I'll drop by from D... errrr a certain large metropolitan area :P

Mr S said...

I read it ..... I just am handicapped when it comes to good music....and cannot often contribute ... in tune or in credible responses.

Don't be offended, but often you are in a "league of your own". I can enjoy your "product" (and I do), but I can't help or understand how it is made.

So, for this thread, some of the answers might be available at google or youtube (which has great Traditional Masses to watch, observe, learn...).

Whatever happens, you will do well. Many appreciate your efforts, your concerns, and certainly the results. Thank you a LOT.


totustuusmaria said...


There are two basic forms of Mass:

Missa in dictu and missa in cantu. The missa in dictu can't sing any parts of the mass, but can sing religous music at mass, the missa in cantu must sing the whole mass.

The missa in cantu is subdivided into the Missa Cantata and the Missa Solemnis.

The Missa Cantata is a sung Mass with only a priest, the Missa Solemnis is a sung mass with a priest, a deacon, and a subdeacon.

The Missa Cantata is further distinquished by whether it follows the rubrics of the missa in dictu (no incense, one server) or the rubrics of the missa solemnis (multiple servers and incense)

That's all I can say, the computer lab is closing.

God bless

totustuusmaria said...

Missa in Dictu:
1) Silent Mass
2) Dialog Mass

Missa in Cantu
1) Missa Cantata
a) according to rubrics of low mass
b) according to rubrics of solemn mass
2) Missa solemnis
There are no rubrical options for the missa solemnis.

Mara Joy said...

that is very helpful! Thank you!

Mara Joy said...
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