Sunday, February 24, 2008

oh the places I'd go, the people I'd see...

If, (speaking theoretically of course,) I, for some strange reason had weeks and weeks in a row without having to be at a church job, what would I do?
Where would I go?
For the past 3 years, what have I done on my rare weekends off from my church jobs?
I've been to London for one of those weekends, D.C. for another weekend, (and I think one more. I just can't remember where...) and then I had one weekend off between jobs a year and a half ago.
Everyone besides music directors and priests just take it for granted that they can go to church wherever they want...
Of course everywhere I have been I have analyzed and critiqued the music at Sunday Mass.
So...IF I had the option, I'd first go to Assumption Grotto, then to St. Josaphat (in Detroit,) I think I'd go hear G play (although I'm not sure where he is now, nor if he still reads this. He hasn't commented in a while!) I would definitely also go to Detroit to hear Joe, I might critique the music/worship at "St. C," and just for curiosity I would go to the Cathedrals of the three closest dioceses (all about an hour away,) simply to hear what these supposed-to-be "good examples" of what the Church wants her music to be, actually sounds like!
What a luxury that would be. To hear the music of other churches on a weekly level!
(And of course I'd travel. I would love to hear first-hand what's going on in the Vatican! Assuming of course I didn't run out of money, heh.)

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G the he said...

I just upgraded the internet in my apartment to something that actually behaves like cable, but it runs VERY slowly for some things, including blogger. So a lot of my comments have disappeared (although if this one does, I'll resend it).

My situation is the opposite: my vacations are to take work off, stay home, and go to church somewhere else. I wish I had the money for a weekend in London or even Chicago! There's an Orthodox mission down the road from my church that I check out between Masses; that was really cool!

My church won't be much special until we get the Tridentine Mass going. My boss gave me the command "no more Latin" until I leave, so it's basically good hymns and a couple people sometimes singing propers. And a half-decent organ.

I'll be moving to Detroit in June to finish off my degree there. My boss said that he has an "in" with Assumption Grotto so he might be able to get me subbing there until I find work! Also rumors are that my old job with the '26 Skinner might be open, so I'll maybe check that out.