Saturday, March 29, 2008

Poor Divine Mercy Sunday...

It always gets the shaft.
Every year; year after year.
Such a great feast day, and yet, for us church musicians at least, it lies in the shadow of the 1st Sunday of Easter, and as a result, the congregation feels it!
We are planning so fervently for Holy Week and Easter prior to the 1st Sunday, and then after Easter Sunday we are recovering from that, that we end up neglecting almost any musical planning for the 2nd Sunday of Easter. Leaving me in a position every year (as I am now,) of trying to figure out what songs to do at Mass 45 minutes before it starts. :-)

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Gavin said...

I'm a traditionalist on this :P The day had sooooo many names already, what business did JP2 have making up other names for it? "Divine Mercy Sunday" is a HUGE deal at my parish. I almost wrote the worship leaflet as "Low Sunday" just to get at people, but I figured it wasn't worth it.

Anyway, a good way to get some easy progressive solemnity for the day is to sing all verse of "O Sons and Daughters" a capella. That's what I'm doing!