Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Fashion Show--Please vote!

Or: "Everything you ever wanted to know about Mara and head coverings."

Those of you who read this blog simply because you know me, rather than having liturgical things in mind will find this whole entry strange. I apologize in advance. Try to see the amusing end of this, the fact that I am modeling assorted forms of head coverings.
I realize the irony. I know I should not be spending so much time worrying about what, if anything, to put on my head while at Mass.

However, the whole point of this entry is that while I do believe that I ought to, as a woman, have my head covered in church, (see numerous articles online if you want to know more about THAT,) I am not quite sure how to go about doing this!

My biggest concern has to do with NOT wanting to stick out. I don't want everyone to see me in a mantilla and think, "oh, there's one of those weird traditionalist girls..."
that isolates me.

As you will see from the following pictures, it's easy to wear a scarf in the winter and fit in, but we'll see what happens in the summer...

Here's a simple scarf. (I wore a similar scarf a couple days ago; for the first time since probably my first communion I had my head covered during a novus ordo mass! I didn't feel like I got any strange looks. it is winter out!)

bandana. (It fits the directive of "having your head covered," by following the letter of the law, but perhaps not the spirit) [great fun can be poked at those lace "doilies" that some women wear to "cover their head."] the best part of this one is that no one would EVER guess that I'm trying to actually "cover my head."

a very warm and cozy scarf

I look like the Blessed Virgin Mary! (who, we ought to NOTICE, is NEVER depicted without having her head covered!)

I am afraid that if I start to do this more seriously/consistently, it will become a fashion show for me..."what head covering shall I wear today that will match my outfit?"
tee hee.

and of course, standard lace mantilla. What better way to make everyone know exactly what you are doing?

Old Russian Grandma. (I actually like this look. I just wish it didn't have the stereotype attached to's almost like...wearing Hitler's mustache!)

and... my favorite!
gypsy/ganster girl!
who could say my head isn't covered!
(I might get some weird looks. But probably not for the reasons that I am initially worried about...)

ok folks, the polls are opened. voice your vote.


lvschant said...

One of the women who sings with me in the schola also always likes to have her head covered in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament... she often wears a very stylish gray brimmed hat with a velvet band that looks great with her winter coat... another alternative you might consider :)

Bridget said...

Mara, when I started veiling it was when we were out of town. I had wanted to do it for years but didn't have the guts since I didn't want to appear 'holier than thou' and the people at my regular parish surely knew I'm only a holy wannabe. After a few times, I got used to it and now I can't imagine attending Mass without veiling. Any Mass. I veil for Christ, not the type of Mass I'm attending.

And veils are pretty and feminine. I think it's alright chose your head covering partly on what looks nice to you. Your lovely and any veil or scarf will look nice. Just try it a few times.

Gavin said...

I vote 2nd to last. Can't really say why. I don't see any reason to feel self-conscious about using it as a fashion thing. I have to wear a shirt at church, but that doesn't mean I'm immodest to wear a nice one or not mix black & brown. Speaking of which, I need to buy more bow ties...

Chris said...

Mara- I found your blog from the "Those Headcoverings" blog! :)
I belong to a very traditional parish (St Agnes in St Paul MN) so when I wear a mantilla to Mass (NO or TLM) I blend in with the crowd anyway. ;D
I do occasionally have to go to Mass somewhere else, and when I do I wear a black kerchief similar to the second one you posted (although I have short hair so it does cover most of it). I figure it is less conspicuous in a parish where no one else covers, but the Lord sees and knows why I am doing it.
I ordered some different coverings from Headcoverings by Devorah- she does beautiful work. I have some of them on my blog too if you want to take a peek-

And don't worry that someone will think you are "holier than thou"--- you could think of it as reparation for all the women and girls who show up for Mass in immodest clothing. You are showing your humility and obedience to God so don't worry what anyone thinks of it.

Anonymous said...

I guess my answer would depend on what we propose is the purpose of the head covering: to make you less noticeable, or to be a wardrobe piece?

If the former, then “Virgin Mary” seems to make you the most inconspicuous, followed by “very warm and cozy”. And, if the mantilla covers your hair, then that, too.

If the latter, then either the first or the last two, IMO.

And, if you put your hair in a pony-tail, or otherwise made it so that it is covered up, then pretty much anything would be inconspicuous, though of course bright colors grab attention.

You have pretty would distract me if I saw you at Mass. :)

totustuusmaria said...

I'm gonna be honest. As far as attractiveness goes -- all else put aside -- I like you in the mantilla best. Next to that, probably Mara-the-Virgin-Mary. However, I think you can do better than all of these. Make sure to keep your eyes open. ;-)