Tuesday, January 27, 2009

put your money where your mouth is

I used to think that this was my dream job...until the position actually opened up and I saw the description...

Part-Time Director of Music - St. ---- Cathedral, L-----

This part-time director of music serves approximately 10-20 hours per week, though there will be times in the liturgical year in which that varies. He/she promotes and models sound liturgical principles so that our liturgical assemblies may offer prayerful praise to God.

This person must be a practicing Roman Catholic and posses a knowledge of and appreciation for renewed Catholic Liturgy; have a degree or equivalence in music/organ performance, and have minimum of 5 years parish experience in keyboard accompaniment and choral direction. Strong organizational, teaching and computer skills are valued.

For more information, contact --------

I am rather surprised at both the size of the position, as well as the relatively low skill level required.

I thought I had read somewhere (although now I cannot find it anywhere!) that the music at the cathedral was supposed to be of the highest quality; as a model for all of the other churches in the diocese.

Although I suppose that the cathedral D of M really doesn't have that much more to do than I do at my little church, in terms of regular weekend events, with the exception of a couple of prominent, annual events.

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Cantor said...

Hm. That’s weird, but probably fairly widespread. Most cathedral parishes, I think, have long since become commuter parishes as cities’ populations have moved to suburbs.

The cathedral director in Cincinnati, though, for instance, doubles as a teacher at the local seminary.

Heck, drop them a line and say you’re interested if they could make it a full-time position somehow...? They won’t get many degreed organists applying if they don’t offer something full-time, ISTM.