Thursday, December 24, 2009

clothes for holidays

when I was in high school, I used to *love* getting a new dress or outfit for Christmas or Easter.

but now, I *hate* having to pick a new outfit every holiday! Because the problem is, I only have so many "new outfits!"
Since people see me so much around the holidays, (up in the choir loft,) and they also see me every single other Sunday of the year in my nice Sunday-clothes, I really only have so many outfits to wear that are nice, and only so many that are extra-nice for Christmas and Easter!

I feel a little "lame" wearing my nice, cranberry sweater for Christmas, that I just wore on a weekend 3 weeks ago!
I have learned that, while *I* can hardly remember what outfits I have worn for past holidays or even past years, *other* people (usually women) remember every detail about what they or other people were wearing on a particular occasion! amazing!

part of the problem for Christmas is also that I hate dressing up when it's cold. I only have so many cold-weather outfits, also. I have lots more fancy summery outfits, but there aren't any fancy holidays in the summer! (Easter is usually still pretty chilly!)

so now I'm just kind of rambling. The problem is, I guess...I wish I had money and/or motivation and time to go buy a new outfit every holiday. (but I don't. Plus, I think that would be wasteful.) So I guess everyone just has to see me in a boring sweater and black I wear every Sunday. (An interesting contrast to my male organist friends: they just wear a suit and tie every weekend. easy. and no one thinks, "didn't you wear that last weekend?" I wonder if they would ever wear a tux for Christmas?)


Jennifer said...

I understand your problem about clothes. I have the complete opposite problem. Although it's freezing outside, because of the bad design of our church, it is usually about 80 to 85 degrees in the choir loft! So I'm forced to wear only the lightest (yet modest, of course) clothing during the winter. In the summer the AC never reaches the choir loft. So I wear the same few modest summer outfits ALL YEAR! Oh well, it doesn't matter, but I think the choir is getting pretty sick of me in the same clothes all the time!!! I can only wear about 1/4 of my wardrobe to church.

Gavin said...

Another reason to love Episcopal churches: I wear vestments, so no one can tell what I wear!

Matthewj said...

I go shopping every Christmas Eve morning for the outfit I'll wear when playing Mass that night. I look forward to it and it's usually an enjoyable extra-stress to add to that day.