Tuesday, December 15, 2009

reading music

every once in a while, I sit down at the organ at Mass (it's usually on a Saturday,) and I look at the music in front of me, and I think, "omg, what if I can't remember what all these notes mean?!"
So I just put my hands down and start playing, and it always comes out fine.

I was reminded on this, cuz a couple Mondays ago, after not practicing all weekend, I sat down at the organ to get ready for my lesson, and it really was like I had forgotten how to play the organ! argh.

but wouldn't that be funny? like, if in the middle of Mass I go to play this hymn that I've played a million times, and I just *can't remember* what all of these notes mean?!
haha...that would be hilarious. (not.)


Convenor said...

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Gavin said...

I had that happen once... I was giving a performance for a huge choral concert and then thought "wait... where am I? What am I doing? Why am I sitting at this big thing?" I had already gone on "autopilot" but getting off it was HARD to do!