Friday, April 23, 2010

summer reading list

This is a little overwhelming as I type this all out, but (for posterity's sake,) here is my summer reading list (only as it may interest you.) Just finished reading (finally! can't believe it took me all these years!) Ratzingers' Spirit of the Liturgy

Sitting on my desk right now: (and calling my naaaame....)

The Liturgy Betrayed: Denis Crouan (purchased for $2 off amazon!)
The Spirit of the Liturgy: Romano Guardini (Ratzinger mentions it a bunch in his book, bought brand-new with gift card. I'm also pleasantly surprised at how thin it is!)
The Organic Development of the Liturgy: Alcuin Reid (also bought with gift card. However, *not* pleasantly surprised at how thick it is! This could take me awhile...)
Sing Like a Catholic: Jeffrey Tucker (borrowed from a friend)
The Difference God Makes: Francis Cardinal George (given to me at sitting on my desk since Christmas...)
An Introduction to the Interpretation of Gregorian Chant: Agustoni/Goeschl (library)
A Short Treatise on Gregorian Accompaniment: Bragers (library)
What Happened at Vatican II: O'Malley (waiting for me at the library! must pick up soon!)
The Reform of the Reform--A Liturgical Debate: Kocik (ordered from ILL)
Vatican II--Renewal Within Tradition: Lamb/Levering ("waiting in queue" for me at library)

wow. that is a lot. But, I'm super-excited! If I get through all of these, it will make quite a dent in my list of "must-read-books in your lifetime regarding your favorite topic..." and who knows when will be the next time that I don't have a full-time job during the summer...

I also received from interlibrary loan, the book "Turning Towards the Lord" by U.M. Lang.
(this brings the current stack of books on the floor to 7.5" high...)


AHarburg said...

What happened to Bugnini's " The Reform of the Liturgy (1948-1975)"? ;-)

Mara Joy said...

oh, well that is certainly on the list too, as I'm sure it will provide some fascinating insight! (just maybe not for this summer...)