Tuesday, June 01, 2010

the secret to finding SA-Men choir music is...

...to transpose SSA music.
then, you will never run out.
I had this realization recently when I discovered a famous SA-Men piece, and then realized that I had the same piece as an all women or men schola arrangement in a book I have written for TTB or SSA (which of course was the original.) then, I realized that almost any piece can be transposed! Which is wonderful, cuz even though my women can sing SSA music, the sopranos do hate those high F's and G's...

So, take any SSA/TTB piece. I'm looking at this book, and I'll just take a piece by Aichinger, "Assumpta est Maria."
The top part goes from treble F to high A
The middle part goes from middle C to high E
The bottom part goes from a low F up to A

transposed down a perfect 4th?
We will have the sopranos singing the top part from middle C up to E
The altos will sing from low G up to B
Then the men will all sing from C up to middle D

I would say that works *perfectly!*
(some pieces might need to be transposed down a 5th instead, especially for the benefit of the men.)

(wow, it's been a long time since I've written here! see what happens when it is May and I am not in school and doing hardly anything?! my life practically falls apart!)

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