Wednesday, November 28, 2012

matching pitch!

So I mentioned recently that I "conduct" a small choir of 8th-11th graders; 6 boys and 6 girls. With MANY frustrations, ranging from their still-changing voices, to the adolescent insecurities. Sigh. But overall, they're great kids.

One of my extreme frustrations has been that two of the guys have GREAT difficulty matching pitch. They are ok once I help them "work up" to the correct note, but then later they usually can't find it on their own. I think that the problem with one of them is that he truly can't hit even a middle C (except maybe with his head voice, but combined with his already handicapped pitch-matching, he hasn't learned how to access that register out of the blue,) and then it's a lot like the blind leading the blind! But, I have to say, these two guys do seem to have some of the best attitudes in the choir! (It's super cute.)

So I have been working with them, and the whole choir, and working with them especially on matching pitch, (but there is not a whole lot we can do in the 1 hour twice a week with all the other kids!) but today I was so happy, b/c I had actual confirmation that they are both getting better! I tried to get all the kids to audition for a couple solos, and they were all VERY reluctant, and I had the 2 most confident singers do it (and do a great job,) AND THEN both these young men asked to sing it, and they both sang it correctly! I was soooooo happy!

It's just been... particularly frustrating b/c I feel like I can hardly do anything with the choir when I have at least 2 people who can barely match pitch, but since I KNOW that neither of them could have done anything close to this 3 months ago at the beginning of the school year, I know that they are improving! It's just so.... heartening!

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