Friday, November 16, 2012


Two cute things happened today.

First, I requested a book about choral conducting through the inter-library loan program. I got it today. It came from a nearby university's music library, and included a hello-note from someone who works there whom I have never met. Small music world...

Secondly, (most of the reason for my requesting the above-mentioned book,) I teach/conduct a tiny high school choir of 12 students twice a week. There are many, um, difficulties and ups and downs in this job. I was told today by the woman "in charge," that one of the girls (the girl whom I had pegged immediately as having a bit of a "too cool for this/I don't wanna be here" type attitude,) this girl had walked up to her after our last choir rehearsal and said, "I really like choir. I'm learning a lot!"
Even in my random, crazy, multiple-job life, I get to experience a tiny bit of what "real" teachers go through.
You can't put a price tag on such an experience and knowing how you might be affecting a young person!

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