Friday, May 25, 2007

the Office

has anyone ever watched the reality tv show sort of sitcom the Office?
well, this office is kind of like that. we decided yesterday that we should totally have our own tv show.
here's the characters:
J, the DRE. kind of quiet. not super-personable. hides downstairs in his office all day.
M, the music director. very intense, kind of sarcastic. forgets to be friendly sometimes
C, the office manager. also intense. gets stressed out alot. also forgets to be friendly when she is stressed out.
Fr. G, makes up for the lack of friendliness among everyone else. extremely intense, although he vehemently denies it.
D, an elderly volunteer. She knows everything. she's been around longer than you've been alive. we don't even know everything that wouldn't get done if she weren't here.
B, he lives in the rectory, trying to decide what to do with his life. he prays about 16 hours a day.

plus various other volunteers that are present once a week or so.

the episodes of the past two days alone:
Fr. G hit a possom while driving. the next day, some people leaving Mass thought they saw it crawling around. possum not in sight. the next day, C sees it. Claims it is in agony. Fr. G still can't find it, what's he supposed to do? Finally he finds it. He comes back in, claiming it was "alacrity." C doesn't think so. dictionary is pulled out. Large conversation in office follows discussing what to do. no one has a gun. C, Fr. G, M, and J troop out to look for it. Possum is certainly not alacrity. The men find it and won't let the women see, it's dead, so the shovel wasn't needed. M doesn't want to see, so she runs back inside in case the phones ringing. Fr. G scoops the dead possum up and throws it into the woods. ugh.

and yesterday:
Fr. G gives M a lesson in how to make a phone call. "Did C show you how to make a phone call?" C raises her eyebrows. where is this going? M gets really nervous, agonizes over if she did something wrong. Long conversation follows about how it is important to be friendly and caring on the phone. when making a phone call, even to an 800 number, begin by asking the person how they are doing. conversation continues about the necessity of this. M contradicts Mother Theresa (to the horror of the others present) by pointing out that constant cheerfulness can just be a sign of a fake person... a discussion about this follows.
Fr. G later privately asks C if M was offended by his manner of approaching the matter. C doesn't think so. Fr. G worries some more. He leaves for the weekend. as far as we know, he is still worrying about having upset one of his staff people even while he is on retreat this weekend.

ok, maybe that all wasn't interesting to anyone except me. maybe it was just a "you had to have been there" week.
this will probably be the last time I blog about this as if it were a tv show. ha. hopefully.

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Anonymous said...

If you order music from St. James Music Press (and you should), the operators there are always extremely nice. It kinda weirds me out, since the operators at GIA are always so rude.