Monday, August 06, 2007

organ/choir music

I recently came across a catalogue for a company with a bit of organ and choir music. I admit, I was at first initially intrigued because the catalogue was very well designed. (or at least it just looked nice.) I was also intrigued because I had never heard of them. "Kevin Mayhew" or something? They had lots of books that had 50-150 stuff in them, like alternate harmonizations which I LOVE) or preludes on hymns, etc. I noticed that even in all of those hymn names, I would only recognize a couple. I also made the mistake once of buying a book cuz I was impressed with the sheer number of alternate hymn harmonizations, only to discover upon receiving it that I could only actually use very few of them.

So sorry this has been quite rambly. I'm basically just wondering if anyone has any experience with this company's products, and could advise me.


Matt and Jon said...

This is a little weird. I JUST purchased 400 Last Verses. It came in yesterday and I had the same reaction to its selections of hymn tunes. I am no organist, though I pretend every once in a while, but I'm not so impressed.

Does anyone know of a good, Catholic compilation book of alternate harmonizations for last verses?


Mara Joy said...

I have been impressed with GIA's collection by John Ferguson. The books are a bit pricey, but if I KNOW a hymn tune, then I will use the arrangement. I also like the St. Francis collection. (GIA) A little bit more for your money.