Tuesday, August 28, 2007

post #102-bowling

the topic came up in the office recently of what nice kids my age do to "hang out." I said that my friends and I didn't have many options, and really just watched movies, went to the bar, and went bowling. I then pointed out how I didn't think I should go bowling. I've thought of this as I've tossed the ball down the lane, how there is not a whole lot between that ball and my fingers getting sprained. And how I make my living on my fingers. More so than most people. Fr. G was like, "Oh no, Mara. You are right. I absolutely forbid you going bowling!" well, I guess now I have a really good excuse when my friends invite me out, rather than just, "uh, well, I'm such a klutz, I might break my fingers?" but really, has that EVER happened to anyone? maybe I should insure my fingers.
maybe I should stay in my room all day long and never come out because something bad might happen! argh!

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BONIFACE said...

I think people, and kids, are way too picky about what they "do." You don't have to go anywhere to do something. When I was younger (19-22), things I enjoyed doing were reading books endlessly, going for walks, hiking in the woods (every single week), going for drives aimlessly, visiting towns I had never been to before and going to small diners, sitting for hours in Big Boys talking with friends and drinking coffee, exploring abandoned houses, camping (in the summer), playing guitar on my front porch...I think there is an endless array of things to do, even in a small town. The problem I think is that people's ideas of what it is to "do" something is too restrictive; they all involve going to some establishment and spending $. Most of the things I listed above are free.