Thursday, August 23, 2007

to those guys who (might have) found my blog...

ok diocesan lawyer dude in (fill in name of main city of diocese,) so I guess I know how you might have found my blog, based on a dumb comment that I wrote somewhere else which I now can't delete on someone else's blog...but you also might have found it just by typing in my name on google (because I'm am member of the ban Haugan-Haas club thing, which connects online my name with my blog. sigh.)...although really, I can't believe that anyone would sit there and type in the name of everyone just because they work for a church. good grief.
oh well, because I still stand by my claim that I have never put anything inappropriate in here (while, actually, I may have once, but G pointed out that I should remove it so I did:-) ) but because I still stand by that claim, I suppose the worst that may come out of my blog would be that you get some weird entertainment out of it. (I've been told I write some funny stuff!)
keep in mind that now that I KNOW it really is being read (maybe, although, I must admit, sitemeter has NEVER had anyone from above-mentioned-city listed as reading my blog,) now that I know this, perhaps my blog will grow in boringness. and it will be your fault. no more edgy-borderline gossip. (er, well, alright, so maybe I haven't written that much...)
but life continues.

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