Thursday, May 15, 2008

More on Psalm Tones

I wrote an entry a month or so ago about what to use for Responsorial Psalms.
Many of the comments mentioned setting them to Psalm tones, even though that is not the purpose of Psalm tones, I do like the idea.
Someone said that Liturgical Press has a disposable called "Celebrating the Liturgy" that has the psalms set already set to a Psalm tone.
When I looked at their website, I could only find one called "Celebrating the Eucharist," and the copy of it that I have only seems to have the refrain set to a tone.

Does anyone know of any resources online that has both the verses and the refrain set to a tone?
(and by that I don't necessarily mean transcribed, I mean maybe even just with the + and bold and italics or whatever the little notations are by which one can follow the flex or whatever and choose your own tone. Sort of like "choose your own adventure. remember those? yeah, they were awesome...)
Otherwise, I will have to write my own if I want anyone besides myself to sing it...
I want to try doing this a little more this summer, and see how it goes.

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Gavin said...

There are no commonly available settings. I would suggest to Jeffrey Tucker that he publish his, but you know how horrible ICEL is. (Pauses to give finger to WLP Missalette (TM))

My suggestion would be to start with simple tones. If you have the Meinrad Psalter, that has some easy tones in it. Or even just use "recto tono" with a single flex at the end. And these really work best a capella, but congregations can be hesitant to get on board with that. So as I said, start with something really easy and build from there.

Also, Dr. Paul Ford, the writer of By Flowing Waters, posted this on a forum. You might check it out: