Tuesday, December 02, 2008

2 Advent B

After getting less than positive responses on the music a few weeks ago, (and feeling extremely uncomfortable with it myself,) I think I have come to find a happier median for the music at Mass, particularly regarding my struggles to do what I believe the Church wants us to, while helping people to participate exteriorly to the degree that they want.

here's what the music at St. P has been looking like recently, specifically this upcoming weekend:
music for 10:30 am (unless otherwise noted)

Entrance: "People of Zion" (to the same Gloria Patri tone we have been using.)
(other Masses: Creator of the Stars [Creator Alma])
Psalm sung to simple psalm tone
chant Alleluia
Offertory: The King Shall Come (Morning Song) followed by (at 10:30 only...)
"Show us Lord your mercy, and grant us your salvation" to a psalm tone alternating with verses
chant English Sanctus
chant (to psalm tone) "When we eat..."
two-tone Amen
chant English Our Father
simple Latin Agnus Dei
Communion: Ierusalem Surge
O Come Divine Messiah (Venez, Divin Messie)
Choral Anthem: On Jordan's Bank (by sjmp)
Recessional: Savior of the Nations (Nun Komm)

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BONIFACE said...

what were the less than positive responses regarding?