Friday, December 12, 2008

An advent wreath is not a wheel that needs the lugnuts put back on

...and therefore should be lit in the proper order.

and what might that be?
seemingly not random, which would be, "oh let's light this purple one, and then how about the across from it, and then oh yes we have to light the pink one now, and then i guess we have to light the one all the was across from it cuz that's all that's left."

nooo...we need...some semblance of order.
if you start with the one directly across from the pink one, then it doesn't matter which direction you go, you'll always light the one next to it! (assumming you keep going in the same direction.)
that is nice and orderly.

it seems perfectly reasonable to me, except that both of the churches I have been in recently light it randomly! (starting with one next to the pink candle, then lighting directly across from that.)

is there any logic to this that I am unaware of? A reason for doing it in that order?


Anonymous said...

There is also a "correct" way to light and then to extinguish the candles for Mass.

Do you know the order?

Mara Joy said...

no...I don't know the order for that. but that wouldn't bother me as much anyhow, cuz they all get lit eventually, I wouldn't sit staring at them all of Mass thinking about how the wrong ones were lit.
do you know the order?

Anonymous said...

yes I do.

But then, a few years ago when I was young and foolish I preferred to hang out with "friends". Did not matter then either, because we all got lit eventually.

clue: last one extinguished is Gospel side next to the tabernacle.