Tuesday, December 30, 2008

this morning (edited)

Mara just had a ridiculous morning.

after hearing yesterday that some of the canons regular of sjc were coming into ann arbor, and wanted suggestions on places to visit, I found out at 8:45 am this morning they were going to say Mass at St. P. in 20 minutes.
(I won't tell you exactly what I was doing at 8:45 am, but let me just say it was a feat that I can not recreate that I arrived at St. P approximately 14 minutes after getting off the phone!)

The priest said a low mass, and then Fr. G, myself, their priest, and 8 brothers went out to the flim flam for breakfast. (I have never been out to breakfast with that many guys in cassocks and collars, and I probably never will again. tee hee.)

I guess that's the most ridiculous part of the story, but it was quite fun. especially hearing Fr. G. tell them some of his quite exciting stories from when he first arrived at St. P, and then laughing over them!

I should have waited before typing this post! The day was not yet done! Just as I was getting ready to put my leftover pasta in the microwave for dinner (yum,) I received a phone call from Fr. G asking me where we should tell the Canons to go /slash/ take them to dinner. After a great deal of discussion ranging from Qdoba to Coney Island to Buffalo Wild Wings, (I found the thought of the brothers sitting in a sports bar with way too many huge tvs to be hilarious!) we settled on the famous Blimpy Burger! you can't go to this city without going there! We all met up and drove over there, pretty much filling up the little restaurant. It took some time to explain how BB's works and to get all eleven of us through the line, but we eventualy had delicious burgers and fried veggies which subtracted ten years from each of our lives.

Fr. G. had to leave to get ready for Mass early, but one of the brothers mentioned to me that he had suggested the law quad as a neat place to see. I was pleasantly surprised to realize I had forgotten that as being fabulous architecture that the brothers would be interested in, and we were only two blocks away! After firmly warning them that there was a good chance it wouldn't even be open due to the holidays, and that they probably wouldn't see much anyhow because it was quite dark, we trekked over there. Sure enough, it was locked, but after I explained the size of the room and they could see the windows on the outside, they were rather impressed. We trotted back (trotted: because by this point we were quite cold,) back to our vehicles and wished one another well, and will hopefully (probably, as my life seems to go,) to see each other again.


Bridget said...

Not fair! We would have loved to have been there. The only TLM I have been to, was at SJC.

Just last night during our rosary we prayed for the TLM in our diocese.

I'm sure it went very well Mara!

Your blog is lovely!

The Dreamer said...

So... Did you veil? I'm sure I'm not the only one wondering.

Mara Joy said...

I did not wear the veil. Half the reason was cuz they all sat in front of me during Mass, and the other was because I wasn't sure why I would start wearing the veil all the sudden at St. P, just cuz they were there.
It seemed rather fake.

Jeanne said...

Does this mean there is a glimmer of hope that the TLM is back on track at St. P's? There hasn't been anything said about it since it was first mentioned in response to the Motu Proprio last July, followed by some mentioning of it again, then it seemed side tracked when Fr. G was sick. I was hoping that the changes being made at the 10:30 Mass are an indication that there was more to come. Please say it's true!

Anonymous said...

Yes, you will have such a breakfast again, Mara, all you have to do is come to the CMAA colloquium and hang out at the right table in the cafeteria....;o)

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