Saturday, December 23, 2006

Children's choir

Dear Blog,
I just had my sort of last rehearsal with the kids choir before tomorrow's Christmas Eve Mass. There were 13 kids there, all of who have been there before (that's always a good thing...) and the kids I expect to be there tomorrow include one girl who was sick, one boy who has an annoying parental custody situations, and one girl who I just don't know why she wasn't there. It went well. I had them sing with the organ for the first time, they got through Silent Night in two parts a cappella, and they got through Puer Natus a cappella. That's all I'm hoping for. For the rest of it, I'll at least have my mic on if I need to save something. (being a pessimist now, are we?) But it gets better. My friends know me as the one who doesn't really like kids (now, not just all kids. Just the ones who you can't reason with; the really little ones!) so anyhow, these kids are all in grades 1-6, so I like them. And I really kind of have fun when I'm rehearsing with them. It really takes a different part of your brain to connect with them and keep them interested and watching you than when rehearsing the adult choir. But I actually kind of like it! And today was fabulous cuz they all kind of shyly leave when I let them go, and I'm like, "thanks for coming!" and some of them are like, "thanks for letting me come! It was really fun!" and today a couple were like, "You're the best teacher I've ever had!"
[awww! things like that totally make my job priceless...]

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