Sunday, December 31, 2006

Just another opinion on the internet...

I don't get it. There's all this talk of the "Motu Proprio" coming soon. (What exactly is a "Motu Proprio?") and then there's all this controversy and discussion (in some circles at least,) about the NO Mass as opposed to the Tridentine, and all sorts of words like "Traditional" and "1962" thrown in, and I really wonder if everyone is talking about the same thing, and if everyone who is using all these words really means the same thing by them, because I certainly don't know what the difference is between them! And I don't know who to believe, because every time I start to read something that seems like it will clear it up a little, the author is always very biased. ("This is the BEST way to do it...") And having only been to Mass in English, with the priest facing the congregation, maybe a few times there was some Latin thrown in, I don't even know what that is called!

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