Saturday, December 23, 2006

Just when I thought two blogs were enough...

I need to write about and link to sites that connect with me about the liturgy.

Here's the drama for this crazy weekend that won't be like this for another 7 years:
Saturday 11 am children's choir rehearsal, 4:30 4th Sunday Advent Mass
Sunday 8, 10:30 am 4th Sunday Advent Mass, noon adult choir rehearsal (because the power went out last night when we were supposed to have our last rehearsal before this crazy weekend. fabulous...) 4:30 pm Christmas vigil with the children, 11 pm midnight mass
Monday 8, 10:30 am Christmas morning Mass.

and because this seems to be the thing to do, here's my music plans:
(disclaimer: for various reasons which I will not go into b/c blogs are the kind of things that unexpected people can stumble across, I am not at the point where I can do things like much latin and chants and introits and graduals, etc.)

4 Advent:
Saviour of the Nations Come (Nun Komm)
Kyrie: Greek from A Community Mass
Psalm: Common for Advent "Lord Show Us Your Mercy and Love" (R. Holtz, refrain myself)
Respond and Acclaim Gospel Acclamation
Let All Mortal Flesh (Picardy)
A Community Mass
Lo, How a Rose (choral a cappella?)
Wait for the Lord- Taize
O Come, O Come Emmanuel (congregation a cappella?)

Midnight Mass with adult choir:
O Come All Ye Faithful
Gloria (Congregational Mass-a good start onto easy "chant" with a cool bell part!)
Let the Heavens Be Glad (choral)
A Child is Born in Bethlehem (Puer Natus-half Latin, half English)
Silent Night/Night of Silence
O Little Town of Bethlehem
Angels We Have Heard
(real creative, I know. It's my first Christmas at this parish!)

But I'm having the darndest time coming up with a second communion song for the 4th Sunday of Advent for the Masses where the choir isn't singing. We have the wonderful Ritual Song book, and every time I look through it trying to find a communion song, here's a sampling of the songs under "Eucharist:"
"Let us break bread together..."
"As the grains of wheat...were gathered into one to become our bread..."
"We come to share our story, we come to break the bread..."
"Take the bread, children, take the bread..."
"...holy manna is our bread..."
"plenty of bread at the feast of life..."
"Let us be bread, blessed by the Lord.."
"With this bread and wine his peace you'll find..."
"In the breaking of the bread..."

excuse me? are we Roman Catholic?
(keep in mind that the priest and I try to avoid using songs that exclusively refer to the Eucharist as simply "bread" because of the prominent denial among Catholics of the Real Presence.)

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