Saturday, June 30, 2007

Colloquium Chamber Choir

well, I'm finally getting around to listening to some of the sound files from Colloquium.
wow. they are pretty sweet.
I'm currently listening to Os Justi, sung by the whole conference, and omg, the acoustics are amazing, and you can HEAR the sound of the (whats that thing called? I should know this. the incenser!) it just kinda makes you feel like you're there, during Mass.
And first I listened to the Chamber Choir (which I was in) singing O Nata Lux. incredible. and I have to say...I've sung under a lot of amazing and crazy conducters...and, well, Scott Turkingham is the craziest. In a good way, I suppose, I mean, he's a great conductor, and a nice guy, but while performing under him...don't even think of taking your eyes away from him. I never did, but I watched as he burned people with his glare who didn't watch him. and he was sooooo incredibly animated. fascinating to sing under. I'm just so awed by the experience that I can't stop talking about it. meh.

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Mara Joy said...

omg, I'm so embarrassed. Apparently, Jeffrey forwarded my blog to a bunch of people. Does that mean Scott read this post?! meh. Oh well. It's probably not like he's never heard that description of himself before...