Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Colloquium was great. Very interesting to talk to people who are in similar situations as myself. Very interesting to meet people whose blogs I've been reading, haha!
It makes one quite happy to just know that there are people out there who are going through the same struggles and questions I am (such as, how to introduce translations and antiphons without ridiculous amounts of paper in the pew...) and the (power) struggles musicians have with their priests (but not me! yay!) and such, but then also kind of frustrating to realize that no one else has answers to these questions, either! argh!
some of my highlights involved things like how great it is to be able to sit down with 140 other people and sightread beautiful Catholic music, singing the Mass exactly as the Church desires it to be celebrated, and one of my favorites was the night we had the coffeehouse. ohhh...musicians sitting around, drinking wine, making musical jokes, and perfoming is just wonderful.

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Stephen M. Collins said...

Last summer was my first time for the Colloquium, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, too. I could not manage to get there this year. I'm glad you got so much out of it.