Friday, June 15, 2007

story for the Catholics:
so I just played for a wedding tonight, and the photographer was kind of obnoxious, as in disrespectful to what was going on during the Mass. (well, I always think the photographers are obnoxious, but looking back, this one was particularly so...) so anyhow, of course, she appears to be completely oblivious to what is going on at the altar, so during the consecration, she is up front off to the side and snapping pictures of the bride and groom. after he consecrated the host, I realized Fr. wasn't saying anything, so I looked up and he was staring right at her! and she was still totally oblivious! It took a few more seconds but then the bride and groom realized what was happening and then they turned and gave her a kind of dirty look, and then she kind of realized how obnoxious she looked, and picked up her camera and ran to the back of the church. it was sooo wonderfully awful! I mean, awful that she was sooo clueless and disrespectful (I mean, not that I expect her to understand what's going on at the altar, especially if she's not Catholic, but good grief-everyone is kneeling down and being quiet and looking at the altar, and there she was, up in front of everyone snapping pictures!) but it was wonderful (I thought at least) how Fr. handled it. He easily could have ignored it, but, well, sometimes photographers cross the line and need to be put in their place. ha.

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